Saturday Night Live is looking for Host/Musical Guests!

You guys know what to do!! Tweet for @DarrenCriss to be #SNLHost and/or #SNLMusic nbcsnl

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mariolopezextra: Ok.. @DarrenCriss & I were an unstoppable force. Like Shaq & Kobe.. Batman & Robin.. #hollywoodgamenight

mariolopezextra: Ok.. @DarrenCriss & I were an unstoppable force. Like Shaq & Kobe.. Batman & Robin.. #hollywoodgamenight

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Whose Line Is It Anyway? - Darren Criss | Download

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Whose Line Is It Anyway 5/11


4th: Jeff Davis & Greg Proops

special guests: Darren Criss & Nolan Gould

I guess technically it would be 3rd & 4th not two 4ths but whatever. Ryan was sick so we got Greg. Hooray, Proop dog! Again! This also made Jeff the tallest of the bunch.

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Darren’s gonna prove his improv skills on Whose Line! Be sure to check it out!

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darren criss in 2013

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3 years of blaine andersonThanks for all ♥

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Darren Criss to present at the 2013 TeenNick Halo Awards on November 17

The Award show will air on Nick at Nite at 8pm EST. will offer special coverage from the orange carpet and backstage.

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Good morning/afternoon/evening everyone!!!

Here are the individual (mobile) links for the categories Darren has been nominated for!! Unfortunately, the actual website does not allow individual links, but the mobile version counts just as much! Vote often, share the links, and spread the word! We all know he deserves it!

Darren Criss: Comedic TV Actor
Blaine/Sam: TV Bromance 
Kurt/Blaine: On-Screen Chemistry
Glee: Network TV Comedy 

You can also vote via the Official People’s Choice Awards App

To vote on Twitter, you have two options: 

  • First, after you’ve cast your votes on the website, a little button will appear that says "tweet your vote". According to people’s choice, “by clicking that button you will automatically be sending out your official Twitter vote. And the more your followers retweet, the more votes will come in for your picks”! How exciting!
  • You can also tweet a series of specific hastags to vote for someone. There is a list on how to vote for all the categories here, but to make it easier, here’s what to include in your tweet for Darren’s categories: 

Darren Criss #comedictvactor #PeoplesChoice
Blaine/Sam #tvbromance #PeoplesChoice
Kurt/Blaine #chemistry #PeoplesChoice
Glee #networktvcomedy #PeoplesChoice

You can also vote via the Official Facebook App

From there you can ALSO share on twitter! Sharing your votes on FB so others can see is a good way to promote, as well!

Voting ends at 11:59 PM EST on December 5, 2013!


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People's Choice Awards 2014 Official Nominations


If you want to watch the livestream for the People’s Choice Awards 2014 Official Nominations you can at the link above or here.

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